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Online Mistresses are harsh and brutal when it comes to dealing with inferior male slaves. They enjoy ball busting, humiliating them and generally making their life miserable for their own personal amusement.

Despite their apparent hatred for the male species, they are still women and they have needs that need to be met. They still get horny and need satisfied. That is where sexual slavery comes in. Why would she waste her time chatting to guys in bars or dealing with the hassle that comes with being in a relationship just to get laid when she has her pick of males who will be available to her for her sexual needs any time of day or night?

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Not all male subs have tiny dicks that can not satisfy a woman. Some are of adequate size that she can use for her own pleasure. If you are one such sub who has a decent sized cock, then maybe you will be lucky enough to find yourself under the control of a superior woman who will use you for sexual slavery.Our femdom chat blog looks at all the different types of scenarios for online bdsm relationships. The evil domination cams with dominant women who enjoy being in control. If you want domination and humiliation you have found the right site.
As her sex slave, you will be expected to be available for her to use 24/7. No matter how many times a day she may want a cock, you will be required to get hard so she can mount you. Clicking her fingers for you to enter her bedroom, you will enter to see her naked with her legs spread and her pussy in open view. Instantly dropping to your knees, you will bury your head in between her thighs and begin licking her pussy. As she moans and groans, you will keep probing her lips and gently licking at her clit as she gets wetter and wetter.Our domination cams are available 247 and all types of slaves and sissies are required to start training straight away

You’ll be keeping your head down there for how ever long she decides. Real men make those decisions but sex slaves do as they are told. She might have you lick her out till she cums once, twice, three times maybe.

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Maybe it will just be a warm up. Some foreplay for her. After she is suitably horny and ready, she will grab your hair and throw you off. Getting up, you will lie on the bed and she might decide to sit on your face and have you lick her out some more.

Or she will gently stroke your cock to get it as stiff and hard as possible. Straddling you, she will mount you and slip your rock hard dick into her soaking pussy and bounce up and down. Even in sex, she is in control and always on top. She will throw her head back in ecstasy, rub her clit and fondle her boobs as she enjoys your dick inside her.Domination chat rooms for all your domination training sessions. Meet evil women who enjoy having the power to get their slaves to do whatever is required of them to remain in the Mistresses stable

Get ready to view our body worship cams and listen to the demands of our strict women who make demands for you to worship their sexy bodies and tight holes. Pussy lickers, ass cleaners and titlovers needed

You, on the other hand, will be made to stay still and not move and DEFINITELY not to touch her. Despite being granted sex with her, you are still grossly inferior to her. You will also be forbidden from cumming. Instead you will be denied and left frustrated. This ensures you are always in a state of horniness and ready for her at all times.

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Of course, another way your life of sexual slavery could go would be to act as her “fluffer” for her real man lover. If your one of those who has a tiny cock, you’ll be no use to her sexually but you can suck her lovers dick to get them hard and ready for her. Why should she sully herself by touching a male’s genitals when she has you to do it? Or maybe she will use you to make her money by pimping you out every night to horny guys to fuck your ass or shove their cocks in your mouth? What ever she decides to do to you, you will have no choice but to comply.Our Strict Mistress cams are waiting with serious women who like control, authority, domination and every area of humiliation. Get ready to meet cruel dominant women – for domination and humiliation cams sessions where what they say goes at all times. You are the loser and they only want to use and abuse you

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Being a sex slave is a full time position for any male deemed lucky enough to be accepted. But you are required to get hard at a moment’s notice and will never be allowed to cum.
There are hundreds of dominatrix in the world and they all have needs. If they decide to use you for licking their pussy, having sex with them or pimping you out, you should consider yourself lucky and accept the privilege they afford you.

We love humiliation and abusing sissy girls online so if you are a sissy who needs humiliation on cam then be sure to enter our live rooms and see for yourself how much of a kick our femdoms get out of abusing and laughing at you in sessions.