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We wanted to let you know that we offer the best In bdsm services online with the cruelest Mistresses . We have a lot of fun here using and abusing slaves and sissies, This means our Femdoms are happy.  Come in and chat with us. It is time to start your journey into online cam slave training. It is time for Mistress to spank that ass, torture they cock and balls or blackmail and financially ruin you.

We really do have the very Best Mistresses available online at any one time you just have to enter into any of our live rooms to see for yourself. We have every type of training session available to weak slaves so they can try hard to impress impress Mistress. We all know you will always fail when trying hard to impress such superior females….. See more over at Mistress cams free online chat rooms for slaves training and sissy school tasks

Get ready for hard core cruel Mistresses who enjoy degrading you on live webcam. They ensure you obey them at all times and this can include things like signing a sissy contract do you think you are ready to give up your life as you once knew it? Are you ready to serve your online Mistresses? If you are ready to be put through the paces then enter the bdsm cams chat


We also have some strict females waiting to speak to you and start your training world over at the dungeon rooms which is full of strict mistresses waiting to punish, abuse and laugh at losers like you. No matter what area of bdsm you are into or what your level of knowledge is you can find lots of information on many other sites that are out there that discuss fully the information on bdsm cams and what to expect even facts about

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Mistress Keene is always eager to take her slaves under her wing and moulde them to how she wants them to be, starting this process of by usually ensuring that they understand that in her stable of slaves they will sign a contract and accepting that they have no rights  and what ever she decides for them must at all times be carried out,

it could be a task or it  could be sexual play or something degrading, but do keep in mind it will always be humiliating, it will always serve a purpose for a Mistress and it will always involve some form of a training plan to better equip you to do exactly as is requested of you at all times.

This could be to how to wank properly or to teach you how to be a proper little sissy girl or even how to bend over and take a proper spanking, the point is you are there to serve and to entertain, if you can not abide by Mistress Keenes rules then do please leave and never return to her dungeon

We have hundreds of live girls available online all dominas who enjoy every are of live domination and humiliation online. From strict slave training, to cruel domina humiliation. You will find our Live Bdsm Cams online are always busy with weak male slaves crawling along the floor naked begging to be noticed or acknowledged and each time we laugh our asses off at just how pathetic they really are

With hundreds of different Mistresses online all waiting  to be in full control of you as you worry what she will do next. This article here may help you understand many of the different ways she may decide to dominate & humiliate you submissive training how to dominate & humiliate a sub or sissy

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